8 Things You Need to Ask Before Hiring Movers

Hiring MoversHiring movers Phoenix must be part of your moving plan when you are going to move to a new house.  Even though moving to a new house in a new location seems simple, it is actually NOT. There are so many things you need to consider and pay attention to. At times, you are also required to make quick decisions right on the spot. So, if you are a busy worker, moving activities may stress you out. Thus, in so many cases, engaging a moving service is much more cost-, time-efficient.  However, not all movers are worth your money. You should pick out one out of the many movers in Phoenix to be able to take the most of benefit. In this article, we are going to talk about 8 questions that you should ask to your prospective mover.

#1. History

The very first question to ask in your first contact with your prospective mover is the company’s history in the moving industry. You should ask how long the company has been in the industry and if the company has collected some noticeable remarks such as rewards or other achievements. To balance your investigation, you should also read the company’s reviews and testimonials on their official websites and other review websites.

#2. Employment/ Staff

The core of quality you can expect from a moving company is placed on the staff. Ask anything you want to know about the crew that will handle your inventory. The most common information asked include their background, opportunities of training, years of experience, or certification that clarifies their expertise. A good company is always welcome about their employment.

#3. Certification/ License/ Membership in Local or National Associations

Often find bad stories about using a moving company? Most of them are caused of poor choice of moving companies. In fact, moving companies come in a wide variety of sizes, specializations, and qualities. Each of them is unique. You need to know more about them through their license, certification, or membership in local or national associations to know the area they are good at.

#4. Insurance

Moving companies always engage with insurance companies that provide protection over your inventory. You are always charged for this protection by your chosen moving company with the amount that varies depending on factors that influence your moving. Make sure you know what the insurance covers in detail.

#5. Hidden Cost

You should be bold asking if there would be additional charge during your moving. Ask the company to provide you a list of fees you could be charged like traversing stairs and moving large items. Make sure you have asked every detail that may influence your total cost. Good movers Phoenix will always be happy to give rough estimate of your moving.

#6. Timetable

Timetable is one thing that is often overlooked by users of moving company. The lack of knowledge about the company’s timetable often causes disappointment because users often place too high expectations. So, to avoid the same scene, you better ask the timetable for every activity during the moving including the packing, arrival, and unpacking date and time.

#7. Payment

Most of users do not want to pay for a move in full up-front, neither provide a big amount of deposit. Thus, it is normal and IS your right to choose to pay in full once your items have been delivered safely and on time. You can negotiate the payment if the company has other terms and policies.

#8. Transportation Terms

If you are moving to other state, you need to make certain that the company is registered in the U.S. Department of Transportation. Ask if the company has certain restrictions on what it will transport. It is wise if you carry any valuables, jewelry, sentimental items, medications, and weapons on their own.

Those are the eight things you need to be clear before deciding that a moving company is worth your money. And, a little tip to make your moving with movers Phoenix convenient is asking the mobile phone’s number of the crew that handles your inventory. Always keep in touch with them in case there are events of emergency that occurs.

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