How Much energy can be saved with Double Glazing

double glazing designs 2013 How Much energy can be saved with Double GlazingMany of us may see double glazing as an extra cost to our homes which we don’t need. Arranging for a fitter to come round and install windows can all too easily be dismissed as part of our time which we cannot afford to give away. This is especially true as daily living becomes increasingly taken up by work and other commitments.

The question is though, shouldn’t the time which we do have at home be spent knowing that your family is warm, safe, quiet and comfortable with the energy you use kept to a minimum. Well, believe it or not, something as simple as double glazing can help you achieve all that.

Double glazing involves the use of two glass sheets, fitted extremely close together with a gap of just 18 mm separating them – creating an insulating barrier.

As a result, less heat is lost through your windows and there is a significant reduction in cold spots within the home and fewer draughts.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing single glazed windows with B-rated double glazed glass could save your household up-to £170 off your bills – an alternative to double glazing, secondary glazing could save you £105 on home heating costs. Secondary glazing works by placing a second pane of glass inside the window reveal. The process won’t seal your windows as well as double glazing – lessening the benefits – but it is a cheaper alternative for those on a tight budget.

double glazing uk How Much energy can be saved with Double GlazingNot only will double glazing make your home warmer, it also makes it a quieter, more peaceful place to live as external sounds will be dampened. If you’ve ever had a truly restless night brought on thanks to extreme outside noise, you will know just how unsettling such noise pollution can be. For those living near the centre of a city with a large amount of traffic, double glazing really can improve the quality of your sleep.

It’s worth mentioning that as well as the better known benefits of double glazing, it will also cut down on the level of condensation build-up which single glazed windows suffer from. This condensation not only makes the home a colder, damper place to live, it also acts as a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and potentially, mould. Not only can this be costly to remove, serious health issues such as lung infections can be spread.

Further still, once installed, double glazed windows should last up-to 20 years, by which point you could have saved £3,400 on energy costs – in case you needed another reason to invest.

So, with all this considered, though our lives are seemingly dictated by work, family, house chores and other elements which crave and demand our attention, it makes sense both financially and in terms of home comforts to set aside some time and invest in double glazing. For all your Double Glazing needs please visit Grabex today.

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