Ampoule LED E27 100W for the Christmas Dinner

ampoule led e27Last Christmas, we had the entire family gathered in town. At the Christmas Eve, we threw a dinner, and we needed to move the dining tables to the living room and added more table as well. We invited more people and it would be crowded. That was when I realized our light was not bright enough. I told my husband and he directly headed to the store to buy new light.

I thought he would buy several lights but he did not. He only bought one light, an ampoule led e27 with 100w power need. When he finished installing the light, we tried it, and voila! The light was just perfect. It is bright enough until now for the spacious living room, and somehow, it makes the Christmas decoration looked so great. I really love the atmosphere brought by the changing.

In short, everyone enjoyed the dinner and the entire night. We switched gifts, and we shared the joyous moment of all year that night. Sometimes, small changes like changing light can bring different thing you never thought. Now I think I need to replace all lights at home with LED. Let us see if my husband is fine with the idea and the expense.

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