My Dimming Pool and Ampoule LED E14 40W

ampoule led e14We just moved into the new house. This one is located on one of the best areas in town. Many people admire the view, the access, and also the value of the property. We finally made it to buy a house on this area. This new house has a quite big pool with nice and relaxing setting around it. However, as trees and bushes, and the tall of the house, the pool was too dark during the night.

My dad bought several ampoule LED E14, and hired professional to install the light. We have the lights inside the pool as well as on the sides of it. They only needed to make electrical network to the pool and provided the right spot for the light. In an instant, the pool looks totally different.

The best thing I like from the additional is that the pool looks more elegant. The dimming light from inside and sides of the pool are like an invitation to us to swim. The light is bright and adequate so it is safe enough to swim even during the night. We, my brothers and me, love to throw a pool party. It looks totally nice and different just because we use LED.

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